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7 reasons why it is worth mentioning Mi Banda 2 on Mi Banda 3
Xiaomi is a definite leader of wrist devices in India

8 reasons why it is worth mentioning Mi Banda 2 on Mi Banda 3

31 maja Xiaomi presented a new version of the Xiaomi Mi Band. Two versions will be available this time. Standard which is already on sale, and the NFC version that will go on sale only in September. Unfortunately, despite the built-in NFC, Google Pay payments will not work, only MiPay which operates in China. Mi Band 3 can already be purchased for $ 35, the second version costs $ 20. Is it worth investing in a new version? I present 7 the reasons why you should do this.

7 reasons why it is worth mentioning Mi Banda 2 on Mi Banda 3

8 reasons why it is worth mentioning Mi Banda 2 on Mi Banda 3

1. A new, bigger and more bright OLED display

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has a "only" 0,78 inch display, but it's about 85% bigger screen than its predecessor. The resolution is 128 x 80, and the pixel density is 193 PPI. The fonts will be displayed much better, pixel will decrease. By improving the software, a brighter and larger screen will not affect faster battery drainage. Withstands the same period of time as the previous generation.

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2. Touchscreen

Thanks to the larger screen surface, the Xiaomi could enter a touch screen. The touch allows you to quickly switch the displayed content. No more clicking again if you wanted to check something, and by accident you pressed the button too many times and you have to click through all options from the beginning. Mi Band 3 introduces the ability to switch screens via the left / right gesture. A top / bottom gesture has also been implemented.

3. Introduction of four types of physical activity

We have one of four categories of physical activity to choose from. The first is running outdoors, the second running on the treadmill. A ride and a quick walk were also introduced. Mi Band 3 can display the course of training in real time. You can look at parameters such as time of activity, distance traveled, speed, pulse, everything directly from the armband. It is possible to program the band to vibrate when we overcome a certain distance, we exceed the time or burn a defined number of calories.

4. Waterproof

Mi Band 2 was IP 67 certified, ie the headband is resistant to splashes and dust. You can walk in the rain, wash dishes, take a shower. However, you can not do water sports. Xiaomi does not take into account the warranty when the Mi Band 2 wristband stops working while swimming. The latest version has 5 ATM, which means that you can dive under the water to 50 meters without risk. You can go with Mi Band 3 to the pool without any risk.

5. weather forecast

Another plus is the ability to view the weather forecast on 3 days. You do not need to reach for a smartphone to check what you can expect tomorrow. You can receive weather information from anywhere in the world, we define the place in the application on your phone.

6. The name of the caller, the content of the message

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The wristband can vibrate when we receive a message or call. It can display the name of the caller, if you do not want to talk, you can reject the call. As far as the content is concerned, you can view 5's latest messages received for a paired smartphone.

7. A better, more comfortable headband

The silicone band is made of a more friendly material for the skin than the two. In few people caused sensitization, three of them eliminate this ailment. The catch has also been improved to eliminate unwanted disconnection and loss of the wristband. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has three color versions: red, black and blue.

I remind you about the competition in which you can win the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 wristband, It ends today at midnightmore information can be found here.

I managed to buy Mi Band 3 for $ 30,01 this is the lowest price I have seen so far. If you want to buy the latest Xiaomi band, check promotions on the website