Xiaomi Mi 8 is a complete smartphone. He has a very good camera, he is extremely fast, he has NFC. It has practically everything that is required of the flagship nowadays, the only lack is induction charging. Chinese fans of the Mi brand presented a list which contains 10 points to buy Mi 8 and show its strengths.

10 reasons why you should buy Xiaomi Mi 8

10 reasons why you should buy Xiaomi Mi 8

In the first place is the Snapdragon 845 processor - it is the most efficient processor for Android smartphones, which is currently available on the market. The second place is a double GPS, which is characterized by very high precision. On the third place unlocking the face that works very well and quickly. I checked this function both on sunny days and in absolute darkness, each time unlocks the smartphone in just a fraction of a second. Another key feature for Chinese fans is the quality of workmanship. Nothing creaks, everything is perfectly folded, but this is already standard in the flagship 5 for thousands of zlotys and for one and a half thousand zlotys - you can buy Mi 8 for that.

Fans also appreciate artificial intelligence in the camera, MIUI 10 system, fast QC 4.0 + and NFC charging for contactless payments.

Xiaomi Mi 8 review

If you want to learn to know more about your smartphone Mi 8, I invite you to my review. If you plan to buy it check the promotion and buy the device as cheaply as possible.